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Dry July 2023 is proudly supporting : • Look Good Feel Better - Ensures any person facing cancer can access free, practical programmes to help them face cancer with confidence. • PINC & STEEL NZ - Supports people in their recovery from cancer treatment through their rehabilitation and exercise programmes. • Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ - Provides support services for men and their families affected by prostate cancer, including a freephone information line, a free counselling service, a nationwide network of support groups and Prost-FIT classes. See below stories of how these organisations will utilise the funds raised to help those affected by cancer.

Latest Updates

Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand is using Dry July funds to help people like Teka and Jan.

Teka, now 72, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2004 and is still going strong after several rounds of treatment.

Support groups are just one of the many ways the Prostate Cancer Foundation can help men and their partners. Another is a fitness programme the Foundation has been trialing in Christchurch for men with prostate cancer called Prost-FIT. Teka is part of this group which meets weekly and has from 10 to 14 people regularly taking part.

Jan says that “Teka has really enjoyed being part of this programme, it made a big change to his motivation and he really likes it because it is a fun way to spend time with others in his situation. Teka also likes the inclusiveness for Māori participants like him with poi and haka exercises”.

Your Dry July fundraising means we can continue supporting Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand to help people like Teka and Jan.

You can read Teka and Jan’s full story here:

Look Good Feel Better Classes are helping people like Geneva

24 year old Geneva Wilson is signing up for Dry July this year. She would have done it last year, but for a shock diagnosis of breast cancer that saw July absorbed in medical appointments, fast-tracked surgery, fertility treatment and chemotherapy.

 “I found a lump and was sent for an urgent scan. I had a double mastectomy two weeks after I was diagnosed and went through fertility treatment to harvest eggs before surgery for expandable implants. Then I started chemo – because I had the mastectomy, I didn’t have to have radiation.”

There have been many good days during her treatment, including her partner giving her a puppy for companionship and distraction, and a highlight is the Look Good Feel Better class.

“I recommend it for everyone. It really is good to engage with other people who know what you are going through.

“I loved feeling pampered and getting my make-up done – having a day for me when everything else was about cancer. It’s just an escape from reality, a little retreat for the day.”

Your Dry July fundraising means we can continue supporting Look Good Feel Better New Zealand to help people like Geneva.

You can read Geneva’s full story here:

How your fundraising will help Bowel Cancer NZ

When Stefan was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at 46, he was in complete shock. “It took me by surprise: I’d been really healthy up until then. I didn’t even get colds, then I got cancer.”

“I immediately got on the Internet and came across the Bowel Cancer NZ website, which had a lot of information. It really helped me understand that this was a very common disease and that I wasn’t alone – a lot of people in New Zealand get this, and there was help and support out there. It helped me understand my symptoms better and what I was going through.”

“Bowel Cancer NZ is a network of people who really care about you and about New Zealand communities – they’ve been like a family and support network in one,” says Stefan.

Your Dry July fundraising means we can continue supporting Bowel Cancer NZ to help people like Stefan.

You can read Stefan’s full story here:

Look Good Feel Better Classes for men in New Zealand

Feel Stronger Live Better Classes cover simple techniques to look after your skin, hair, body and mind so that you can face cancer with confidence. They are specifically for men with any type of cancer at any stage. It’s about helping men look after themselves, feel stronger and more in control during and after their cancer treatment

Last year, funds raised during Dry July supported men's Classes across New Zealand. This week Look Good Feel Better are holding their first Men’s Class in Gisborne and 15 men are registered to go along. This is the biggest turn out for a Men’s Class and is just such a great response.

The class is a relaxed one and a half hour session full of practical and easy to follow tips and techniques. It covers the areas of hair, skin, body and mind. Class participants are given a pack of items to support them with what they have learnt throughout the Feel Stronger Live Better Class back at home.

Look Good Feel Better Classes

Feel Better Classes are at the very core of what Look Good Feel Better does – free, accessible, local classes for any person, facing any cancer, at any stage of their cancer journey.

Thanks for the support of Dry July, LGFBNZ continues to adapt class times, content, locations, days and frequency to best meet the changing needs of people facing cancer across New Zealand communities.

In 2018, feedback showed the following:

• 97% of participants when asked whether they would recommend the class to others facing cancer, gave it an 8 or above out of a possible 10 (85% giving a 10)  

• The overall rating for the class was 98% of attendees gave it the two 2 ratings, with 90% giving their overall experience the highest rating

• 81% felt confidence was increased

• 87% felt their morale had been lifted

• 82% said they felt they were able to connect and share with others

• 98% were either very satisfied or satisfied with our local facilitators

• 97% when asked to rate the class content and structure gave it the top two ratings.

• 97% found the class’s tips and techniques either very useful or useful

What Attendees are saying about their experience:

“It did boost my confidence and it was really nice to meet the other participants and share stories and tips. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a great service”

“A truly wonderful experience. Thank you all for contributing to my journey”

“It’s a little bit of me time, in a sea of crazy, you’ve got that little couple of hours, two or three hours of me time.”

“I’d encourage anybody to do it…. It is like a sea of crazy and then it goes calm.”

“Because (cancer) it is really isolating. It’s like a personal journey and everyone goes through their own personal journey with cancer but it’s nice to have people that are on a similar journey to you.”

“On a tough week it helped me to smile again”

“It was a day just about me, not the disease”

“It was good to connect with others facing cancer like me”

“I just want to fit in, look and feel more like my normal self”

"The Look Good, Feel Better (LGFB) class was empowering and I am grateful for the experience and support I found and received there. I felt comfortable talking about my cancer diagnosis and treatment, including my decisions around treatment; comfortable (after others had) in taking my wig off, showing the 'real' me unapologetically and without any sense of putting others at dis-ease; and comfortable in the hands of my volunteer whilst being pampered. Today, I am enjoying the skincare and make-up products I have been gifted and associate using them with the feelings of empowerment and appreciation for LGFB. Thank you!"