Look Good Feel Better Classes are helping people like Geneva

24 year old Geneva Wilson is signing up for Dry July this year. She would have done it last year, but for a shock diagnosis of breast cancer that saw July absorbed in medical appointments, fast-tracked surgery, fertility treatment and chemotherapy.

 “I found a lump and was sent for an urgent scan. I had a double mastectomy two weeks after I was diagnosed and went through fertility treatment to harvest eggs before surgery for expandable implants. Then I started chemo – because I had the mastectomy, I didn’t have to have radiation.”

There have been many good days during her treatment, including her partner giving her a puppy for companionship and distraction, and a highlight is the Look Good Feel Better class.

“I recommend it for everyone. It really is good to engage with other people who know what you are going through.

“I loved feeling pampered and getting my make-up done – having a day for me when everything else was about cancer. It’s just an escape from reality, a little retreat for the day.”

Your Dry July fundraising means we can continue supporting Look Good Feel Better New Zealand to help people like Geneva.

You can read Geneva’s full story here: www.dryjuly.co.nz/2020/genevas-story

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