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When you're diagnosed with cancer, it's hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer. Dry July raises money to ease that burden, reduce stress and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.

Everything we fund is to benefit the cancer patient and their families and carers. We aim to make a difficult time, a little easier for those affected by cancer.

Dj17 Wellness Programs 500 W
Dj17 Comfort Items 500 W
Dj17 Transport Services 500 W
Dj17 Accommodation Projects 500 W

Dj17 Information Resources 500 W
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Dj17 Hospital Furnishings 500 W
Dj17 Entertainment Items 500 W

Funds raised by Dry July will facilitate Look Good Feel Better workshops, to help people like Stephanie face cancer with confidence.

This year, the funds you raise for Dry July will help people face cancer with confidence. Look Good Feel Better's community workshops have helped people like Stephanie feel like herself again.

After Stephanie's breast cancer diagnosis, the first thing she thought of was her daughters.

“You’ve got to be open with kids, they're smarter than you think. You can't guarantee anything in life, you can only prepare them well,” Stephanie says.

“I remember telling Hannah, ‘ Mummy's breast isn't well’ and, and she said ‘Awh, Mummy have you got breast cancer?’ I was shocked that she actually knew the word. She was asking if I am going to die.”

Stephanie explained that she would need to have medicine to make it better. But that would mean she would...

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Bowel Cancer New Zealand's new Nurse Support Co-orindator continues to help patients and whānau through nursing support

An experienced Registered Nurse, Victoria sees her role as an amazing opportunity to help patients and whānau through nursing support, education and advice, and increase awareness of bowel cancer.

Her role mainly includes supporting those diagnosed with bowel cancer or their close family members through the charity’s confidential nurse support service. Victoria also administrates the Bowel Cancer NZ’s patient support group, a closed Facebook group for those who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer and their whānau.

“Through my previous work in palliative care, I had noticed Bowel Cancer NZ’s outreach within the community through education and awareness. People are talking more about bowel cancer now – thanks to the screening programme...

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Dry July 2020 fundraising helps Bowel Cancer New Zealand employ a Nurse Support Coordinator, Victoria

Your fundraising from Dry July 2020 has enabled Bowel Cancer New Zealand to introduce the wonderful Victoria to their team, in the newly established role of Nurse Support Coordinator.

As an experienced Registered Nurse, Victoria sees her new role as an opportunity to help patients and whānau through nursing support, education and advice, and to help increase awareness of bowel cancer.

Victoria is already busy answering calls through Bowel Cancer New Zealand's new 0800 BCNZ NURSE (226 968) number as well as via the live Chatbot on their website.

Remember, this wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of our incredible Dry July community. That's YOU!

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Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful Dry Julyers, Look Good Feel Better NZ have launched 3 new online classes!

In response to feedback for more in-depth support and advice, Look Good Feel Better NZ is thrilled to announce the launch of three new online classes.

Brow Focus is dedicated to teaching you how to fill in thinning brows to recreate a natural look.

Hand & Nailcare focuses on providing care and advice for those dealing with managing dry, split, sensitive nails and ridges due to treatment.

Managing Hair Loss & Regrowth is a practical class with expert advice and support on:

- what to expect when you're losing your hair

- advice on when to cut your hair

- when to safely colour your hair

- how to care for your scalp

- styling tips and techniques for the regrowth stages

For more information and to register for a class visit ...

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Dry July funded Look Good Feel Better programme continues to receive heart-warming participant feedback

By participating in Dry July and raising funds, you're helping to ensure each online skincare & makeup participant, and community class participant receives a Confidence Kit of specially selected donated products. The products are a gift for the workshop participant to keep and use in class.

The Look Good Feel Better programme is for any person, with any cancer. It's for people of all ages, you do not have to be in active treatment, or suffering from hair loss. The workshop provides a chance to connect and spend time with people who understand what you are going through.

To register for a FREE class visit

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Thanks to Dry July fundraising, Look Good Feel Better NZ are kicking off their confidence building classes in Hamilton

The first Look Good Feel Better NZ community class of 2021 starts this week in beautiful Hamilton.

Look Good Feel Better NZ are thrilled to have a full class of wonderful ladies who will learn practical tips, tools and techniques to feel more like their normal selves to be able to face every day with more confidence.

In the words of a recent participant:

"Very good confidence building for me as it was my first time with other cancer sufferers. The facilitator was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The volunteers were lovely, helpful, and put you at ease. Wow, the products we received were incredible! Thank you to all donors. I would certainly recommend cancer patients attend as it helped rebuild my confidence while on my journey."...

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Prost-Fit classes have been supported across New Zealand thanks to Dry July fundraising

Currently running in multiple locations across New Zealand, Prost-FIT exercise programme is designed specifically for men who have been diagnosed with and/or treated for prostate cancer. Research has shown there are significant benefits gained from exercise that may both assist with recovery and delay the advance of the disease.

Prost-FIT is accredited by the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ (PCFNZ) and delivered by trained registered exercise professionals.

Alongside the original Prost-Fit class available in Christchurch, your Dry July fundraising has contributed to the launch of Prost-FIT in two locations in Auckland, one in the Tauranga area, and New Plymouth is just about ready to go!

PCFNZ has more locations in the pipeline for early...

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Look Good Feel Better face-to-face workshops back up and running across New Zealand

Excitingly, Look Good Feel Better have been able to re-introduce their face-to-face workshops!

Since October, they have run over 100 in-person community classes, and live classes are still available for men and women across New Zealand.

This wouldn't be possible without the fantastic efforts of Dry July participants and donors.

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Pinc & Steel and Bowel Cancer New Zealand partner thanks to Dry July fundraising

Bowel Cancer New Zealand has partnered with Pinc & Steel NZ to help support Kiwis living with bowel cancer by providing financial assistance to attend cancer rehabilitation programs each year.

Bowel Cancer New Zealand has already helped 7 people affected by bowel cancer to attend Pinc & Steel's exercise rehabilitation programs, and intends to fund many more.

This is only possible thanks to the funds raised by our incredible Dry July 2020 participants - thank you!

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