Funds raised by Dry July will facilitate Look Good Feel Better workshops, to help people like Stephanie face cancer with confidence.

This year, the funds you raise for Dry July will help people face cancer with confidence. Look Good Feel Better's community workshops have helped people like Stephanie feel like herself again.

After Stephanie's breast cancer diagnosis, the first thing she thought of was her daughters.

“You’ve got to be open with kids, they're smarter than you think. You can't guarantee anything in life, you can only prepare them well,” Stephanie says.

“I remember telling Hannah, ‘ Mummy's breast isn't well’ and, and she said ‘Awh, Mummy have you got breast cancer?’ I was shocked that she actually knew the word. She was asking if I am going to die.”

Stephanie explained that she would need to have medicine to make it better. But that would mean she would sometimes feel yucky, and she was going to lose her hair.

When it came time to shaving her hair off, her older daughter said "Mummy, when you up to school, can you please wear your wig?"

That is why she signed up for a free Look Good Feel Better class, to help her look more herself at the school gate. The sessions are for anyone with any cancer at any stage of treatment and include tips and tricks to disguise the visible side effects of cancer, while helping restore a person’s confidence.

“Once I walked through those doors and saw the smiling faces, I really started to feel better. You feel so cared for, all the staff and the volunteers made it a really pleasant, lovely, loving experience."

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