By participating in Dry July and raising funds, you will be helping people like John access Pinc & Steel New Zealand's incredible community programs like Paddle On

When John was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, there were no other indicators besides frequently needing to go to the toilet. After surgery and a prostatectomy, they realised that John’s cancer had gone beyond the prostate.

After having to go on a hormone treatment, John was aware that one of the side effects was the depletion of your upper body strength.

After having an initial assessment with one of Pinc & Steel’s physiotherapists, John quickly got involved with Paddle On – a stand up paddle rehabilitation program, for men and woman recovering from all types of cancer.

“Gradually with the support of the physiotherapists and the instructors, I started to discover what I could do - gaining strength, confidence and balance”.

“Paddle On for me was strength, support, fellowship and finding myself as an individual with potential again, rather than a cancer patient”. ❤️

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