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Clare OHiggins

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Target: $1,000

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I'm going dry to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

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$82.60 from Helen

Great effort & great cause

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$25.95 from Janet Hope

Great 👍 idea. Well done. I'm impressed. Would join you, but it's my birthday!529930

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You sweetheart - thank you. I will be ready to toast your birthday at the end :) Thinking of you
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$103.20 from Anonymous

This is for -four drinkies days so we can at least have a wine once a week !

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Many thanks - will save this til the end :)
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$25.00 from Niki Loe

Thank you for being such an angel and doing so much to make this world a better place xo

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Thank you for your generosity . Those sessions with yoga this month will be even more special
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$103.20 from Robin Mudgway

Well done Clare. If a certain gent donated his booze bill for a month, you should make $10,000!

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Thank you so much for your generosity . Yes maybe a weeks worth to start 🤗👌really appreciate your support xx
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$25.00 from Annie R

Brilliant - had to give you a Golden Ticket mid way through - just in case.........

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Ah that is so special - thank you so much :)
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$100.00 from Anonymous

Fabulous that you are going dry for a great cause

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