How We Help

When you're diagnosed with cancer, it's hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer. Dry July raises money to ease that burden, reduce stress and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.

Everything we fund is to benefit the cancer patient and their families and carers. We aim to make a difficult time, a little easier for those affected by cancer.

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Look Good Feel Better Classes

Feel Better Classes are at the very core of what Look Good Feel Better does – free, accessible, local classes for any person, facing any cancer, at any stage of their cancer journey.

Thanks for the support of Dry July, LGFBNZ continues to adapt class times, content, locations, days and frequency to best meet the changing needs of people facing cancer across New Zealand communities.

In 2018, feedback showed the following:

• 97% of participants when asked whether they would recommend the class to others facing cancer, gave it an 8 or above out of a possible 10 (85% giving a 10)

• The overall rating for the class was 98% of attendees gave it the two 2 ratings, with 90% giving their overall experience the highest rating

• 81% felt confidence...

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Volunteer Conference 2018

Thanks to Dry July Funding, in October LGFBNZ gathered over 35 Volunteer Coordinators and Facilitators from around the Country for a first ever joint conference session. The goal was to continue to develop and grow the classes to meet the demand of increasing diagnosis of cancer throughout New Zealand. New additions to classes were shared over the two days including;

- Breathing techniques - Breathing exercises have been trialled in the Auckland classes with a great response. On the back of this trial, we have trained our facilitators on these techniques, which will be added to future classes.

- Easy t-shirt head coverings for participants was part of the demonstrations throughout the conference. LGFB aims to provide tangible tips and...

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Look Good Feel Better Men's Programme - Tyrin's story

Tyrin Naidoo knows the importance of looking after yourself, and has always taken pride in his appearance. Until a cancer diagnosis made it all seem a bit frivolous.

Having been a civil engineer overseeing infrastructure projects, starting cancer treatment in May 2017 made him exhausted, in pain, and sometimes depressed.

Attending a Look Good Feel Better men’s class helped give him the boost he needed to face cancer.

“The class reminded me, firstly that I am not alone on this journey, and secondly you have to ensure you look good on the outside, so you feel better on the inside,” he says.

LGFB is using funds raised by Dry July participants in 2018 to boost the men’s programme by 30 per cent. The free classes are for men with any cancer...

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Elaine - How eyebrows help me face my cancer journey

Mum-of-two Elaine Kuri’s world changed in a day when a check up for a sore muscle was diagnosed as stage 3 breast cancer, and further tests revealed stage 3 lymph node cancer too.

Quickly this successful businesswoman’s life went from senior exec meetings to hospital appointments, and the once vibrant manager became a cancer patient who was merely existing.

“I had to shave off my long hair, so I didn’t even look like me anymore. The Look Good Feel Better workshop gave me my confidence and independence back,” the 44 year old says.

“Being able to now draw my eyebrows and feel confident and have a smile on my face again – even though I was going through crap - made such a big difference.

“I might be feeling really horrible inside and I have...

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Waiora - Facing the future with confidence

Waiora has had surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma, skin cancer, from her face three times - and she lives with the worry that the operations may not be her last.

Grandmother to three girls, Waiora resides in an eco village in Ranui, and attended a West Auckland Look Good Feel Better class. She wanted to learn how to disguise her misshapen lip, the legacy of having had three cancerous lumps removed in eight years.

“To others it wasn’t discernible, but it was to me. And the class was so humbling. I went back to work and I said “I feel like such a fraud. I have only had this”.

“I was in a class where women didn’t have their hair, they didn’t have a breast, they were going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

“I learnt how to subtly...

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Emotional healing - 'feeling better' is as important as cancer treatments

Shona wasn’t sure she should attend a Look Good Feel Better class. She had undergone gruelling cancer treatment but to the outside world looked well. So it was with trepidation that she went.

“Physically I was starting to feel a lot better but emotionally I would say that I was at my lowest point. So the class for me was not necessarily to make me look better. For me it was more about feeling better,” the 36 year old says.

It will be two years ago in July that Shona was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer. She endured five rounds of chemotherapy, 25 fractions of external radiation and then internal radiation.

“I was lucky enough to not lose my hair or my eyebrows and, so in some ways I wondered if I should actually go to the class....

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Treatment chairs at Wairau Hospital funded by Dry July

Modelled by our nursing staff, these chairs provide patients with a better and more comfortable treatment experience, and also help the nursing staff provide improved care. The new chairs are height-variable to make it much easier for patients to access them and have a range of other features to make their treatment as comfortable as possible.

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Waikato Dry July funds - for our patients

Dry July funds at Waikato Cancer Centre have benefited patients and their families.

A quote below from a staff member:

Below is a photo of the first few magazines that have arrived (there will be more!). I have just taken them down to chemo and they were very well received. I also had some more very positive feedback about the flowers so that's great!

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Dry July funds Look Good Feel Better men's program

The program commenced 4th July 2017. The feedback has been extremely positive as we connect with communities introducing the new program.

There is much to be done to really spread the word and help generate an understanding of how the program works, and more importantly, how men will benefit. But we are very happy to have the program rolled out in the early stages and begin helping men face their cancer with more strength and confidence.

Feedback below:

“Many thanks to you and Rachel from New Plymouth for such a wonderful morning with the Men’s “Look Good Feel Strong” programme that was hosted here this morning. It was a huge success! The take home packs were full of goodies and appreciated along with the magazine. Compliments and...

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