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When you're diagnosed with cancer, it's hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer. Dry July raises money to ease that burden, reduce stress and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.

Everything we fund is to benefit the cancer patient and their families and carers. We aim to make a difficult time, a little easier for those affected by cancer.

Dj17 Wellness Programs 500 W
Dj17 Comfort Items 500 W
Dj17 Transport Services 500 W
Dj17 Accommodation Projects 500 W

Dj17 Information Resources 500 W
Dj17 Refurbishments 500 W
Dj17 Hospital Furnishings 500 W
Dj17 Entertainment Items 500 W

Helpful print resources created by Bowel Cancer NZ thanks to Dry July fundrasing

Check out these incredible print resources developed by Bowel Cancer New Zealand with the help of Dry July fundraising!

'Living with bowel cancer: The ileostomy and colostomy' contains some ideas, answers, and useful information to help navigate the challenges associated with a bowel cancer diagnosis

'Eating Well - during bowel cancer treatment & recovery' provides practical information and tips to help you eat as well as possible during treatment and recovery, and manage new digestive symptoms that may arise.

Order your free copy here -

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Pinc & Steel NZ benefit from a grant from Dry July NZ

We're pleased to announce that thanks to your fundraising, we have provided a grant to Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehab Foundation New Zealand, enabling them to help more men and women living with cancer access specialised rehabilitation.

PINC & STEEL's cancer rehab services aim to improve the overall wellbeing of people affected by cancer, so they can live more and fear less despite their diagnosis.

Thank you Dry Julyers for your incredible fundraising efforts this year, you should be so proud!

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Dry July funds enable Leukaemia Foundation NZ to develop multi-lingual information booklets

Thanks to funds raised by participants of Dry July 2019, the Leukaemia Foundation NZ have been able to update and translate their blood cancer information booklets.

With isolation proving to be a significant challenge throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the updated and multilingual informationbooklets allow for an accessible, equitable resource for different groups affected by blood cancer across New Zealand.

You can access the booklets here:

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Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand are using Dry July funds to roll out Prost-FIT classes across Aotearoa

Thanks to the help of Dry July participants and donors, Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand is planning to implement Prost-FIT exercise classes that are specifically designed for men with prostate cancer across New Zealand!

Involving both physical and cognitive elements, Prost-FIT is an exercise programme which aims to enhance the overall wellbeing of men affected by prostate cancer, helping them to become fitter and stronger throughout their cancer journey.

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One of the projects your Dry July fundraising contributes to are Look Good Feel Better NZ's Online Men's Classes

In July, Look Good Feel Better relaunched its men’s program with an exciting line up of inspirational guest speakers that the participants can chat with.

This may be someone from the professional sporting arena, a respected Kiwi, someone with an inspiring story to share, or an expert who can give more advice to help participants feel more like themselves again.

The first class was kicked off with Simon Gault, the renowned TV chef & restaurateur. He shared how he has changed his diet after a health scare with diabetes. The class was fun, relaxed, and with plenty of questions!

The Look Good Feel Better trained facilitator also shares advice and practical tips to care for skin, hair, and body. These classes are run online via Zoom, to...

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Dry July fundraising helps Look Good Feel Better NZ train workshop facilitators like Josy.

Look Good Feel Better NZ has around 30 trained class facilitators, based all over New Zealand.

Dry July funds have enabled some of its community class facilitators to be trained to become engaging presenters on Zoom for the online classes.

One of these facilitators is Josy Jansonius, who has been a part of the charity for many years. She is a professional beauty therapist and makeup artist, but recently turned sheep and beef farmer.

She continues to support the charity by being one of its online class facilitators, based out of her farm in Te Aroha, “I am thrilled to be a Look Good Feel Better online facilitator and love being able to connect virtually with our community."

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With the help of Dry July fundraising, Bowel Cancer New Zealand have begun planning a new wellbeing programe!

Bowel Cancer New Zealand are proud to announce that thanks to the help of your fundraising, they can now employ a specialist bowel cancer nurse to provide information and support to those affected by bowel cancer and as part of this initiative, they will be launching a wellbeing programme.

This programme will help those undergoing bowel cancer treatment by facilitating access for them to counselling, physio, remedial massage, accommodation, and travel support.

Rebekah, the General Manager and Mary, the Communications Manager of BCNZ, have started the recruitment process for the nurse support role. The wellbeing programme is currently being scoped out and will be ready to be launched before the end of 2020 - how exciting!

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Dry July funds support Look Good Feel Better Online Classes

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Dry July participants, Look Good Feel Better NZ was able to develop and launch online classes, to extend its accessibility to cancer patients all over New Zealand.

Timing couldn’t have been better as Look Good Feel Better NZ was able to continue its services during COVID-19 lockdown when unfortunately they had to postpone community classes.

The online classes offer the same practical advice and tips as its community classes, but are split into two 1 hour classes: Skincare & Makeup and Wigs & Headwear.

To date, they have run over 20 online classes and welcomed over 100 participants, several who enjoyed their first class so much that they joined another!

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Bowel Cancer New Zealand creates a a downloadable resource called 'Eating Well during bowel cancer treatment & recovery'.

Bowel Cancer New Zealand have been busy working away on a downloadable resource called 'Eating Well during bowel cancer treatment & recovery'.

It's your incredible Dry July fundraising that helps Bowel Cancer NZ create practical and informative resources as such, helping to ensure people affected by bowel cancer eat well during treatment and recovery.

Download it here

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