Many companies have an Employee Dollar Matching program and will match an employee's fundraising or donation to a charity. This includes organisations like Vodafone, ANZ, and BUPA - it's a popular workplace initiative, so ask your HR Department, or Corporate Social Responsibility team if it's something your workplace has.

If not, you can ask if they'd be interested in setting up a matching program, or if the company would be willing to support you and make a donation to the Dry July Trust.

The Dry July Trust is a registered charity, meaning every donation, including dollar matching donations, is tax deductible. Plus, every donation will help improve the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer.

If required, the Dry July Trust can provide proof of charity status and a letter to your organisation with your fundraising total. If your company is matching a donation, your email receipt should be sufficient.

If you have any other questions in regards to Dollar Matching, please email [email protected]