By participating in Dry July and raising funds, you're helping people like Helen gain access to incredible cancer rehabilitation programs.

When Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer, she soon after endured chemotherapy, breast surgery and radiation. After this, despite receiving the official ‘all clear,’ Helen was left feeling very far from it.

After feeling as though she was spiraling, the fatigue became too much and Helen had to quit her job.

This is when Helen reached out to Pinc & Steel and soon got involved in the PaddleOn and Next Steps program, where she took up stand-up paddle boarding and pilates, shortly transforming her life and helping her back on the road to recovery.

"It changed my life, I was in a really bad place. It picked me up, gave me focus and made me feel back in control again and just put me in a really good place and surrounded me with really good people." 

Dry July NZ Trust