By signing up to Dry July and raising funds, you’ll be helping people like Doug access fitness classes, designed for men affected by prostate cancer.

Four years ago, Doug, a retired engineer and diabetic, was getting his regular three-monthly blood tests, where they noticed some irregular results. He was quickly referred to a specialist where they performed a biopsy and discovered that Doug had prostate cancer.

After having gone through various treatments, Doug noticed several side effects, including hot flushes and a reduction in muscle strength, where he was struggling to bend down.

This is when Doug got involved with Prost-FIT classes, a weekly fitness class run by specially trained exercise professionals and designed specifically for men living with prostate cancer. Doug is now attending two classes a week, one based on boxing and the other Tai Chi.

“I have noticed a big difference since I started doing the Prost-FIT classes. I feel stronger and more flexible which means I can now bend all the way down again”.

“Not only can it improve physical fitness, but the classes also have a major positive effect on mental wellbeing too”.

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