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In 2017 my beautiful cousin got diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which had to be removed. Unfortunately it had already spread to her lymphoids which meant another surgery, followed by radioactive iodine treatment.

3 years later and we all thought she was clear when at the end of 2020 her levels started to rise again, the dreaded cancer was back in her lymphoids. Since 2021 she had 3 more surgeries to remove all her lymphoids on the right side of her neck.

Since March 2022 she has been in remission.

Throughout this whole process every phone call, messages and holidays together she has shown me what strength, determination and spirit for life is about.

You are amazing Steph, thank you for showing me that no obstacle in life should ruin your spirit.

I'm so excited to see what your future holds and even more so now you're becoming a MUM this year!!

Status Updates

$52.20 from Gareth Thomas

Awesome work Soph!!

Thank you :)

$130.20 from Mum and Dad

Always support this cause! Go you 👍🏼❤️xx

Thanks Mum and Dad :)
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