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Having just had a close-encounter with bowel cancer, I'm motivated to raise money for those currently going through treatment and those yet to take the journey.

Status Updates

$60.00 from Omega Perrin

Hi Omega, Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting that from across the big pond! Thank you so much, I can't express how grateful I am. Regards Pat

$62.60 from Anna Brookman

Glad to hear you are on the mend!

Hi Anna, thank you so very much. I know this is close to your heart and confess your Mum was also on my mind when I set this up. So many people I know have been affected. Regards Pat

$60.00 from Brian Simpson

Geez mate, thank you!!

$130.20 from Patrick Brookman

I've got skin in the game so want to kick this off!!

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