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I am going dry because my dad has been recently diagnosed with cancer and he is my biggest inspiration.

Status Updates

$45.00 from Alice and Thomas Lundman

Good on ya girl. Always here for a chat!

Thank you so much hun

$208.20 from Lorene Inglis

Awesome Sari what a fantastic idea💕 so happy to be able to support this… best of luck to both you for the journey ahead, Kia kaha xx

Thank you so much Lorene. Love you lots xx

$100.00 from Emma O'Grady

Thinking of you all ❤️

Thank you so much xx

$62.60 from Martin Whanau

Lots of love to you and your whanau Sari

Thank you guys so much x

$35.00 from Odette Roper

Go Dad, we're all here behind you

$150.00 from Luca Thrupp & Family 🤍

All the best

$35.00 from Claire Mouat

Kia kaha e te whánau, arohatinonui xxx

Aw thank you Claire lots of love xx

$60.00 from Tony and Rachel Thaugland

What a wonderful way to support your Dad, you will both come out of this stronger and closer together

Thank you so much for the support I’m so grateful x

$50.00 from Ron and Tarn Forbes

Well done Sari xx

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your donation ❤️❤️

$25.00 from Tootell family Tootell


Thank you very much ❤️
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