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Rebecca van Dijk

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I went to a Look Good Feel Better afternoon earlier this year and it was bliss.

It's not just make-up either. It's talking about what you are going through and sharing your story with others who 'get it' and good for your mental health as well.

July is probably going to be the hardest month yet along this journey as I have surgery that month. So be prepared for guilt tripping donation posts šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰

Status Updates

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$25.95 from Henny Van dijk

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Thanks so much SIS!! šŸ˜„
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$50.00 from Betje Read

I am supporting my amazing and strong sister in law Rebecca van Dijk who is currently going through breast cancer and if you can support her that would be great. She's one hell of sister in law and is so inspirational while going through this terrible cancer and has an amazing supportive husband Edwin.

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Thank you SO much Betje!! Super supportive husband who comes from a super supportive family itself šŸ˜
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$100.00 from Ann Dooley

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Wowweee thanks Mum!! You know your my favourite mum ae šŸ˜˜
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$100.00 from Cathy Lawrence

You are amazeballs.

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Holy shit thanks Aunty Cathy!!!!! šŸ˜™šŸ˜™
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$10.00 from Anonymous


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