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$20.00 from Jack Dodd

Give it heaps Mikey!

Thanks Doddy, I'm sure you'll have one for me over there, cheers mate.

$10.00 from Paula Hayward

Thanks Paula, as you know it means a lot.

$30.00 from STEPHEN MELLOR

Thanks Mushy, that's awesome and really appreciated

$50.00 from Brenda Marshall

Sending you and Cheryl my love and support xx

Thanks Brenda both of us thankyou so much for that generous donation, see you soon.

$21.00 from Matt Davis

Hey Mikey, much love to you and Cheryl my man.

My man, thanks so much Matt me old mate, look forward to catching up soon.

$52.20 from Trudy Richards

Nice one Mikey! Lots of love to you and Cheryl xx

Thanks Trudy that so nice of you and as you know your thoughts are really appreciated, be well.

$150.00 from Cheryl Caldwell

Thank you for your unwavering support while we have been fighting this disease that affects so many people .... you are amazing and I couldn't do this without your caring and thoughtfulness
I promise to have chocolate on standby during the long month of July!!!

Thankyou my darling, by the way you're the amazing one, your ability to fight the good fight is why this disease took on the wrong person, love ya.

$45.00 from Adrian Heays

Hi Mike. Happy to support this cause and hope your liver recovers from the ⚡️😃🩻

Thanks mate that means heaps and really appreciated. I'm sure the liver will be thanking me😂

$10.00 from Jacs

Awesome works Caldwell’s x

Thanks, Jacs, always appreciated how much you support us, catch up soon.

$25.00 from David Ede

Thanks Davey, as you know we appreciate the support, cheers mate.
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