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I'm going dry this July to raise funds for people affected by cancer. We all know someone who has been affected either directly or indirectly in some way by this terrible illness, and I figure laying off the tubes for a month is a very small sacrifice to make when compared to the 1000's of NZ'rs each year who suffer without choice. I don't think it will hurt my own health and well being to have a month off either.....

Status Updates

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$20.80 from Nik Roycroft

Your daily beer updates are the BEST!

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Going to be tough coming up with material from day 20 onwards!!!
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$31.10 from Bridget Zoe Pringle

Good work pikelet.

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Thanks BZP. Heading into day 4 I believe this is the longest I have ever gone without booze since I was 13.

Status Update

Day 3 - Jumped on the scales this morning and noted I had put on 700gms. At this rate, by August 1 I will have gone from 91.3kg to 101.8kg, thus pushing my BMI over 30. A BMI over 30 indicates that I will be obese. Obesity is associated with a range of health concerns, including being at an increased risk of heart disease. Awesome....

This weeks beer is the classic Emerson's Bookbinder (excuse the vessel, the publican is too tight to buy authentic glassware). This wee beauty packs a good volume of Fuggles and Riwaka hops from the Nelson region giving it great aroma, flavour and a good finish. At only 3.8%, it is your classic session beer, whereby you can have at least 12 pints and still quite confidently safely operate machinery.

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$55.00 from Ian Hurst

Well done Pike.
Just came across this and thought you are supporting a good cause, and doing good for self.

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Cheers Arch, looking forward to the challenge.

Status Update

Day 2 - Nothing unusual that I can tell.

According to some literature I was reading today on the health benefits of not drinking, "apparently", when you drink a pint of beer you shorten your lifespan by 9 minutes.

So according to my calculations, I died sometime in 1644.

This beer i had in Cairo in 2014, Sakara Weizen. Having just had a whip around the sand on a single humped dromedary camel, I was clearly quite parched when I ordered this "Premium Quality Wheat Beer". Tasted more like a wees beer than a wheat beer, in hindsight I think old mate guide Anubis literally filled the bottle with camel piss and resealed it without me knowing due to me apparently not tipping him enough. It does not feature in my top 5 beers of all time, however I was thirsty so I had 2.

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Status Update

Day 1 - lunchtime. So far heart rate normal, no sweats, shaking or anything terribly adverse. Went to the quack today and had a full WOF including bloods done so will have them redone in 31 days to see if there are any benefits. Thanks to those who have supported so far, please encourage as many as you can to get involved and supporting this great cause.

I'm going to share a beer each day, so here's a beer called Heelch 'O Hops (Heelch means "Alot" in the local Boonville language from Nth America) that I had at an outfit called Beer Belly in Thailand in 2015, 8.7% so packed a fair punch. I had 3, and needed to have a lie down and reassess.

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$30.00 from Kate & Jimbo

Good luck Pike. The Dry July record in this house is 11 days.

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Thanks team, 11 days is a mighty effort!
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$56.85 from Shaz Dog

I have faith in you Pike!5246510059446055

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Good on ya Shazza!
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$60.00 from Mark Stephens

Nice work mate. I too am off the grog, actually!

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Overdue a chat, will be in touch soon the Maori George Clooney.
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$30.00 from George Crossan

Whoop de whoop

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Good man Tyrion.
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