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I'm going dry because someone I know has been affected by cancer.

Status Updates

$67.80 from Catherine Glenn

$50.00 from Bev Brocket

Well done Cathy. A good cause. Much love Cousie Bev

$26.20 from Anne Te Whata

Good on you Cath in supporting a good cause 😘

$26.20 from Justine Dallimore

Nice one Cath! Xx

$25.00 from Christie Williams

Good for you xo

$50.00 from Carol Robertson

Great cause Cathy and supporting you all the way.

$10.60 from Gaye Ellis

Go cousie go...

$20.00 from Lyn Williams

$25.00 from Lynne Campbell

Good on ya Cath!!

$88.60 from Anonymous

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