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Anna Boyle

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Target: $500


Last year, between you and I, we raised over $1000 to help people with cancer.

In the 12 months since then, three of my absolute all time favourite people have been diagnosed. Many of you will relate to that.

So, this time it’s personal.

I admit to seriously questioning if doing Dry July is a relevant thing to do. Giving up booze, posting a few updates and working my friends to part with a few hard earned dollars is almost embarrassingly straightforward.

But, if it will make someone else’s life a little easier....then....well’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

Wish me luck.

Status Updates

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$10.50 from Mais Lutfi

You are awesome Anna x

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Thanks Mais! Nine months without THAT is awesome! X
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$50.00 from Kate-Mary Boyle

Go Span.
You little legend ❤

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Naw, thanks. You da bomb. Xx
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$25.00 from Debra

Good luck Anna Boyle. X

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Thanks DL! Xx
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$25.95 from Mary Byrne

Happy to support you not sure I could do dry July. (Is that bad?) Well done for cause close to all of us.

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Thanks Mary for breaking the thousand dollar mark! Yes, a very worthwhile cause. X
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$51.70 from Chris Leaver

Best cause ever AB. Great stuff.

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Indeed CLeaver. Indeed. Thanks for getting me precariously close to a cool grand! Xx
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$25.95 from Anne Jenkins

Good luck team

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Thanks Anne. I’ll shout you a drink or three in August. Xx

Status Update

Today the Dry July people asked if I’d like to share my ‘tips’ on raising money for charity.

I didn’t have to think very hard. The answer is very, very simple.

Have generous friends.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s never too late to flick a few dollars this way. It all adds up and it all makes a difference.

Plus, generosity is very, very sexy.

And, if you’re thinking laying off the booze for s month might be for you, then we’d love to have you in our team - Quit Your Wining.


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$50.00 from Monique Lepine

I bought a golden ticket!! I don't care if you use it or not, but you probably deserve a wine or two! Xx

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Awesome. I’ll only have a glass if you gave one with me! Thanks. For everything.
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$51.70 from Georgina Jonas

Go Spanna! Good luck! 🥂

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Thanks GJJ. Make sure you have a couple of Singapore Slings for me next month. Xxx
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$128.95 from SB

You are such a star (and a good helper).

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And you’re a flipping trooper and an amazing role model. Thanks!

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