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Cancer Rehabilitation after Medical treatments is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have, yet in most cases finances have been hit hard and therefore rehab may not be tapped into so readily. Funds raised for Pinc & Steel Physiotherapy Cancer Rehab means more people get to make the most of the help and guidance on offer whether it be 1-1 &/or as part of a group class, next Steps Programme or Paddle On Programme. This rehab meets the individual where they are at, creating a management plan that helps get life back.

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Avatar Name Raised
Tam Holden
Team Leader
Jenni Soutar $26.20
Albert Fifita $0.00
Jonty Garlick $0.00
Lisa Rowland $0.00

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$67.80 from Miles Armstrong

$47.00 from Sharon Martelli

Cheers guys love your mahi ๐Ÿ’š

Thank you so much Sharon. Right back at ya! x

Status Update

Whoop whoop! Welcome to the team Lis! xx

$47.00 from Carmen Wilson

Thank you Carmen. Very Grateful x

Status Update

A huge welcome to Albert and Jenni to our team! Awesome guys! let's do this!

$45.00 from Helen hi Dredge

You guys are all Superstars and we love you.

Right back at ya Helen xxx

Status Update

Whoop Whoop! Welcome to the team Jenni!!!
Anyone else??

Status Update

Hmmmmm....our team is looking low in number......come and join us! Your BodyMind will thank you for a month off alcohol...or what about going sugar-free? caffeine-free? commit to exercising everyday of July? What might challenge you worthy of some support from your mates? Such a great cause. C'mon. You know you want to!!!!

$104.20 from Tania Abel

Appreciate your check ins ๐Ÿ™

Thank you Tania! Super grateful. x

$45.00 from Janese Valentine

Thank you Janese. Really appreciate your support. x
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