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Booze Hounds

$4,287.71 raised

Target: $3,000


Hi, we are Booze Hounds. Please support or join our team.

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Icon wedding 20image 201 Greg Birbeck
Team Leader
Icon 13346753 10154056967981210 5038093678802610914 n Courtney Roberts $1,868.79
Icon 12189905 10208134662752119 1664410833614241516 n Latham Smith $808.50
Icon 12744303 10153441232231220 4117763761747604574 n Matt Poland $632.86
Icon image Gerald Tulud $495.68

Status Updates

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$50.00 from JT

Awesome effort guys x

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$50.00 from Melissa Thompson

Awesome work team. I admire your dedication (and during rugby season too!) Well done :-)

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Thanks Melissa. Luckily there's no test matches in July though!

Status Update

Well, looks like the inevitable has happened! 8 days at the top though so good effort, let's see if we can peg it back. I'd say we're more built for sprints rather than a marathon??

Small dry july 1
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$5.00 from A$AP Jackoo

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Thank you!
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$10.44 from Amanda Bush

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Thanks for such a exact donation. Looks like the NZD exchange rate on a £5 pint. Much appreciated!
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$25.00 from Mark Hotham

A few handles of God's own Waikato , a shot of Stones Green Ginger & a wee Port ..... But who's counting .
Good on you Cuz .

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It's words like Waikato and Stones Green Ginger Wine that help make this easier. Someone say sherry too???
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$25.00 from Errol Hotham

Have you thought about the effect this will have on the Breweries share price.....????
Good effort team...!!

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They'll make it back in August and will have comfort that over a 12 month period they are well up in 2016